Nancy B's Science Club Black Light Illuminator w/Invisible Ink Pen & 22 Page Activity Journal

Nancy B's

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Black Light Illuminator w/Nature's Mysteries Journal
by Educational Insights

Use Nancy B's black light illuminator to uncover a hidden world right beneath your nose. One that's invisible in normal light, but capable of being explored with the black light and invisible ink pen. You'll be able to complete a plethora of science-sleuthing activities such as observing items with the black light and seeing what glows and what does not, make a gelatin that glows beneath a black light, find out what kind of security there may be on paper money, and using the pen and light in conjunction together to encrypt and decrypt codes and ciphers.

The included black light features a textured grip on the back so that it's easier to hold in your hand, and has 3 LED black lights on the front. Its flat base allows it to stand upright on one end, giving you an opportunity to use both hands to manipulate an object within the field of light. The light has a wavelength of approximately 410nm.

The kit includes a 22 page journal that holds an array of activities for you to complete.

The black light requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

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