Mystery Floating Marble Money Box Optical Illusion Savings Bank - Colors Vary

House of Marbles

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Magical Mystery Floating Marble Money Box - Colors Vary
Optical Illusion Saving Bank
by House of Marbles
This magical money box (piggy bank) will cause your money to disappear while a marble eeriely floats in its recesses. Is it sorcery or illusion? Can you fathom the legerdemain involved in this discombobulating sorcerous source of supernatural spellbinding sortilege?
This mysterious illusion bank will prompt savings habits by providing a magic show every time coins are deposited. A window into the interior reveals a levitating marble; and when you insert a coin it never becomes visible. The money spookily vanishes and the marble continues to float. Marble colors vary: silver, pink & blue. Please allow us to select yours from our in-stock supply.
Bank measures approximately 7 cm (3 inches) square and arrives in a nostalgic gift box.Features a variety of colors of marble in a black box with a clear window. Inside of the bank (visible through the window) is printed with a black & white street scene.

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