Mystery Fire Colorful Flames - Pack of 3


$ 8.99 


3 Packets of Mystery Fire Colorful Flames
by Toysmith

Chemists have what's called a "flame test", which allows them to figure out if certain elements, primarily metal ions, are present based on the color emission spectrum for each individual element. It is the combination of these specific primary metal ions, along with a few other trade secrets, that give fireworks the colors and booms that wow crowds around the world.

Now though, you don't have to be a chemist or a fireworks specialist to see the color spectrum. Any wood burning fire can be turned into a colorful and amazing experience. Capable of lasting up to 30 min, the Mystery Fire packets are a blast to use, adding reds, greens and blues to your summertime bonfires.

Each of the 3 packets contains 25g of a carefully prepared mixture, and are ready to use. Simply place them, unopened, into the wood burning fire, and watch the colors mix and mingle.

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