My Perfume Workshop Kit by Sento-Sphere


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My Perfume Workshop Kit

Discover the Fun You Can Have With Aromatic Chemistry!

Flowers of the East Perfume Science Kit made in France by SentoSphere

My Perfume Workshop is a classic among educational kits. Eight natural essences or fragrances from the world’s most beautiful sources allow children 8 years or older to create more than 100 different “eau de toilette.” It includes 8 wood, herb & flower scents for creating your own perfumes. Designed by a perfumer, Veronique De-Broise, this perfume making kit allows children to discover some wonderful ingredients that are used in perfumery. This kit introduces them to the creation of oriental, flowery and opulent or fresh and invigorating fragrances depending on the formulas chosen from the instruction leaflet.  My Perfume Workshop uses the highest quality fragrances available on the market, and many have found that the resulting bouquets are also very enjoyable in the bath.

The Perfume Workshop Kit Includes:

  • 8 perfumery oils each at 0.2 fl oz

  • 8 Pipettes

  • 3 empty perfume bottles

  • 3 empty spray bottles for your perfumes

  • several fragrance wands

  • Complete perfume making guide

The Mission at SentoSphere is to encourage children's innate curiosity and innovative play. All SentoSphere products are designed to let children explore their creativity, their imaginations and their talents.

Recommended for ages 8 and up 

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