MxyKikker Wind-up Gear Box Novelty Toy Collectible

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SKU: KIKK-1504

Wind-up Novelty Toy
by Kikkerland
Design by Chico Bicalho

MXYKIKKER.  It's a tongue-twisting, multi-legged, multi-purpose windup. Mxykikker loves to climb over objects, and it sometimes enjoys galloping upside down, with its eighteen fidgety feet. This toy is perfect for kids' desktops or the desktops of the work office.  Mxykikker is Chico Bicalho's newest addition to the wonderful eco-friendly collectible Kikkerland critter series. Comes in one of three assorted colors.
Dimensions:  L 6.9 inch x W 3.15 inch x H 3.15 inch

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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