Mumblys Magnetic Tin Game Series 1

Marky Sparky, Inc.

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Mumblys Magnetic Tin Game

Series 1


Wow, Mumblys is such a simple game anyone can play it. The rules are simple too and meant to be broken. Each Mumbly has a powerful little Neodymium magnet in its core so it is attracted to the metal game tin.  Each tin includes 3 Mumblys, 1 scoring dart and a rule booklet that may or may not follow (it's up to you). There are 6 different mumblys in series 1 so  you never know which three you will get in your tin. With Mumblys there are two basic ways to play: Feats or Tins

Feats:  “Feats of Skill & Precision”
The object is to complete all 24 Feats before your opponent does or in the fewest attempts possible (for solo play).


Tins: Each player sets their base tin in front of them and stands or sits a distance away from their opponent who is doing same thing. The lid is used for scoring and should be put on the ground somewhere away from the base so it does not interfere with the game. Each player takes a turn lobbing one of their three Mumblys® at the base tin. The first one to 24 wins.

Like we said before these rules are meant to be broken so come up with some of your own different ways to lob the mumbly into the base tin.

 Ages 8 and Up



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