Monkey Chimp Gorilla Ape Guy AniMail 3-D Postcard Collectible Mailer

Marky Sparky

$ 16.95 
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Monkey Chimp Gorilla Ape Guy AniMail

3-D Postcard Collectible Mailer


AniMails are adorable Plastic Animals that you can write on and mail without an envelope! That's right, just like a post card. Write your message on the surface with a permanent marker, add correct postage and drop it in the mail! Sure to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the lucky recipient. Sending someone an AniMail is a unique way to say Get Well, Congratulations, I Love You, Happy Birthday or maybe just Hi! It only costs between $2.44 and $3.00 to post this Ape Guy! He looks imposing and ready to rumble but this Monkey Chimp Gorilla Ape Guy is a scientific anomally. A genetic mutation if you will. This loveable little guy has a big heart and loves to travel. He was originally born in the Congo he has became a world traveler and will follow you anywhere as long as you have a banana for him. He loves to cruise on "Carnival" ships cause of all the youthful craziness on board. His favorite drink on the ship is virgin banana daiquiries. So stick a message on this little guy and left him sail away to your friends and family. He is sure to bring a smile and sometimes even laughter them. Phthalate and Latex free.

Monkey Chimp Gorilla Ape Guy from Marky Sparky...Low Tech Love That Will Last a Lifetime. Also great for collecting Autographs!


  • Phthalate and Latex free
  • Approximately 9 x 7 inches
  • Costs between $2.44 & $3.00 to mail

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