9 Inch Mirage 3-D Mirascope Hologram Maker & Parabolic Reflector

9 Inch Mirage 3-D Mirascope Hologram Maker & Parabolic Reflector - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Mirage 3-D Mirascope Hologram Maker

It's said that "seeing is believing", and that accurately describes the compelling 3-D illusions produced by the Mirage: small, full-color holograms with natural, lifelike appearance, and allowing for 360-degree viewing. To achieve these effects, the Mirage uses a patented technology of two concealed and opposing parabolic mirrors. Its overall appearance resembles two small cooking woks placed on top of each other, with a 2" circular hole cut in one of them.

Place the physical object that you want converted to a hologram in the concave center of the bottom mirror, and a hologram will instantly be projected up through the aperture that is opposite it, appearing to the viewer as if it were a truly solid object. Powered by ambient light and without film, no special skills or training are needed to operate the Mirage.

It is the perfect thing to explore the world of optics, and can be used in a wide range of disciplines from kindergarten and math, to special education and physics.

The Mirage is 9" in diameter, and comes with a user manual and a small pink piggie as your first illusionary object. Stick with that, or create your own mirages using objects from your office or around the house. You can even take pictures of the Mirage, and have your illusionnary projection show up in them. The mirrored surface of the Mirage includes Micro-Glas Mirror Protection to help protect the mirrored surfaces of the Mirage from scuffs and scratches.

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