Mini QR-4 Aerocraft Quadrocopter Remote Control RC Drone, Blue

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QR-4 Quadrocopter Drone

With its 2.4GHz radio control, the QR-4 drone is powered by a high capacity lithium-ion battery (included) that is fully rechargeable by using the adapter to connect it to any available USB port. 

Its integrated LED lights allow it to be seen in the dark, making it possible to fly under poor lighting conditions. One joystick controls the lift, throttle and which direction the vehicle is facing, while the other controls the direction that the drone is flying. Two toggles just below the joysticks help the user to fine-tune the controls.

For the more experienced flyers, the QR-4 is fully capable of performing aerial stunts, such as flips and spins with the push of a button and flip of a joystick. While best suited to be flown indoors, it is able to be flown outside as long as care is taken with regards to wind and weather conditions. Due to its small size and weight, it is easily affected by gusts of wind.

The QR-4 Quadrocopter measures approximately 9.8x3x9.8cm (98x30x98mm)

The remote control requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

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