Mini Jupiter Pendulum Spinning Wheel Kinetic Art - Mesmerizing Physics Sculpture


$ 14.95 
SKU: TSG1089


Mini Jupiter Pendulum Kinetic Art
by Toysmith

With nothing but a 9v battery and a gentle nudge, this mesmerizing kinetic sculpture will display hours of continuous motion. As the rotating magnet within the base rocks the magnet in the large ball of the Mini Jupiter Pendulum back and forth, you can experience the fun of those pirate ship amusement park rides what swing front to back, going higher and higher, without tipping over, all without having to set foot in one. And every once in a while, when its momentum gets going good enough, unlike those pirate ships, the Mini Jupiter Pendulum will go right over the top and continue on its way as if nothing had ever happened. The Mini Jupiter has an extra set of magnets in the middle, which help spin a pair of balls that extend outwards, giving it extra momentum as each side vies for control.

It has an overall height of approximately 8.5" a width of 3.75", and a length of 5.5". A single 9v battery (not included) is required to keep the sculpture in constant motion.

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