Mini BIOHAZARD- Adhesive Tape


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Mini BIOHAZARD- Adhesive Tape

By Accoutrements

Special tape for life's little Accidents, Spills & Hazards!

Mark the Scene of a Hygienic Crime!

Archie  McPhee would surely agree that the pair of dirty socks on the floor constitutes a biohazard. This Mini Biohazard Tape is perfect for letting people know when they've passed the boundaries of good hygiene in a way that might not be bad enough to alert the EPA, but is still pretty gross. Leaving food out on the counter or dirty dishes in the living room is the perfect opportunity to use this tape.  Or, maybe its the perfect way to mark that grungy microwave oven at work.   Each plastic dispenser has 100 feet (30.5 m) of 3/4" (1.9 cm) wide tape, which should be enough to get the message across to your messy com padres or spouse. Comes in an Illustrated box.

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