Minerals in our Food Collection 6 Piece Rock Kit

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Minerals in our Food Collection
 6 Piece Rock Kit 

   Minerals are solid crystalline substances, formed naturally, and have a distinctive chemical composition of one or more elements. Many minerals are used in our food, as vitamins, and in the way our foods are processed and preserved. This collection contains a sampling of some of the common minerals used in the foods we eat! 
   From calcium to zinc, explore some of the many types of minerals that are used in common foods, vitamins, food processing & preserving. Six numbered specimens approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" show the importance of our use of minerals for daily nutrition. Box is shrink wrapped. 

Information Card Included.

Rock Specimens included are: 

1. Magnetite 
2. Halite 
3. Copper 
4. Sphalerite 
5. Dolomite 
6. Calcite 

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