Mineral Study Kit Set Rocks with Streak Plate and Guide

American Educational Products

$ 23.95 



Mineral Study Kit Set

Streak Plate & Guide Included


This Mineral Study Kit  is an excellent introduction to minerals. The kit will help students learn to identify 15 common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties. There is  number coding and a key sheet for identification. The tray is compartmentalized for display and storage. Included are an activity guide for instructional use, a magnifying glass, streak plate, and nail. This study set is suitable for grades 4-12 (ages 9 to 18). Minerals included are: Fluorite Feldspar var. Microcline Hematite Pyrite Quartz var. Milky Calcite Mica var. Muscovite Magnetite Gypsum var. Alabaster Talc Halite Mica var. Biotite Graphite Gypsum var. Satin Spar Gypsum var. Selenite.


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