Mineral Science Kit Geology by Toysmith

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Mineral Science Kit
Geology by Toysmith

Learn to uncover the mysteries of Common Minerals of the Earth's crust.  Learn to test, classify and identify various types of minerals.   Just what your budding Geologist needs to get started!  Children will learn to look for luster, (the way a mineral reflects light), hardness (measured on the Mohs scale), and color (with a streak test). Affordable, with just enough variety to whet the young geologist's appetite and an excellent guide to identification activities, including the vocabulary of testing. This starter kit includes 15 numbered specimens that represent the full range of types of minerals, a small magnifier, a nail and tile for testing, and activity guide offering more test ideas for further study, all neatly packed in a sturdy box.
Ages 5 years and up
Not for children under age 3 years: small parts; choking hazard

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