Microbes Attack! Brain Teasing Puzzle Game

Identity Games Intl.

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Microbes Attack! Brain Teaser Game
by Identity Games Intl.

Straight out of the lab, Microbes Attack! is a brain teaser like no other. With a dozen colorful "mutant microbes" contained only by the petri dish in which the are shipped, you had best be careful as you release them, as they will invade your brain!

Your goal for today's experiment, should you choose to accept, is to contain the Microbes within the confines of their petri dish. And while this sounds simple, proceed with caution. The Microbes are a wily group of adversaries, constantly shifting their shapes to create over 100 unique puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.

The enclosed Laboratory Guide (aka "The Rule Book") contains 100 different challenges that range from Freshman Bio Major all the way up to PhD. All to be played, enjoyed and solved by kids, adults, brothers, sisters, parents, grand....you get the idea. Team up together to "Contain the Strain"!

Be prepared though, each "Microbes Attack" Brain Teaser can range from one lowly microbe evading capture and sneaking out of the petri dish, to full-scale germological warfare!

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