Mexican Cigar Plant Seed Pack

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Mexican Cigar Plant Seed Pack - Botanical Name (Cuphea ignea)
Exotic Seed Pack
by DuneCraft

Botanical Name:  Cuphea Ignea

The cigar plant is native to Mexico and the islands of the West Indies.  Ignea means fire in Latin, which refers to the firelike color of the blooms of this lovely and unusual plant.  Use the Cigar plant where ever you want hot bright color throughout the Summer.  It is popularly used in masses to provide a backdrop for shorter plants in the perennial bed.  Also works well as a compact shrub at the center of island beds or in large containers.

Cigar plant is a fast grower and requires little attention, but it will attract the attention of all manner of butterflies and hummingbirds.  Plant a mass of cigar plants near a window or the patio where you can enjoy watching hordes of happy hummingbirds come to feast on the beautiful banquet that you have left for them.  It is very tolerant of heat and a summer long bloomer.
Seeds germinate in less than 1 week. 
  • Seeds are sold by weight of package, not number of seeds per package.
  • Net Weight:  60 milligrams

Ages 4 and up.

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