Meteorite Impact Craters on Earth - Science Poster 38x26"

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Meteorite Impact Craters on Earth

38x26" Laminated Science Poster

from American Educational Products

Meteorite Impact Craters on the Earth poster is a full-size, fully revised color poster that provides a great introduction to impact science. This poster features a table with all new information about the size, location, types of materials found and features of 177 verified craters discovered on Earth (copyright 2008).

  • The world map shows all 177 craters plotted geographically with the names of the craters, latitude and longitude and keyed to a data table.
  • There are pictures and text about some of the amazing rock and mineral types that are created ONLY by hyper-velocity impacts.
  • A sectional graphic shows how craters are formed when the meteorite/ asteroid/ comet hits the ground, and the types of crater they produce.
  • A section is devoted to Gene Shoemaker, considered to be the "father of impact science."
  • A handy timeline graph on the bottom of the poster shows the dating of 6 extinction events and their titles.
  • The poster comes with a 4 page in-color information sheet with photos of meteorites and interesting review questions and answers.

Discover the fascinating world of meteorites, asteroids & comets that have collided with Earth with this thought-provoking, colorful and informative poster.(The title includes: Meteorite/ Asteroid/ Comet Craters on the Earth as many of these impact sites have yet to be determined as to which of the three impactors definitely created the crater). 

  • Measures 38" wide by 26" tall
  • Printed in full color with a UV protective laminate

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