Melty Snowman Putty for Winter & Christmas by Toysmith


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SKU: TSG10621

Melty Snowman Putty Toy for Winter & Christmas
by Toysmith
Build your Snowman from this snowy White polymer Putty. Accessorize your snowman with the 9 enclosed plastic fashion accessories (Buttons, Hat, Googly Eyes, Carrot Nose, Broomstick Arms).  Then sit back and watch as Frosty the Snowman melts away into a blob, just like in the song. But, better than in real life, you can rebuild the snowman over and over again in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.  Makes a snowman about 3 inches tall. For best results, slowly stretch it, knead it then stretch it again for 3-5 minutes before use. Contains about 2 oz of putty.
  • Contains about 2 oz. of white melting putty
  • Contains 9 snowman parts
  • Makes a snowman about 3 inches tall
For Children ages 5 to 95.

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