Melting Witch Putty Activity Kit By Toysmith


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Melting Witch Putty Activity Toy

By Toysmith

Use your imagination to shape and mold this green witch character. Be creative and bring her to life with the included eye, arms, ears, mouth and feet. Then watch her gradually melt back to just a blob!

Putty Witches are fun to create. This imagination-inspiring putty toy allows kids and adults to let their creativity run wild! Mold and form whatever your imagination can think of! With the help of the included Witch themed arms, eyes, claws, legs, broom & hat, etc. you can bring your creepy creation to life! The putty is non-toxic and silicone based and has a unique property which doesn't let it hold its form. This putty will gradually "melt" over time until it is just a blob. Create your own Halloween Character and then watch as it melts into a blob! Can be used over and over again. Includes approximately 60g of putty.

For ages 5 and up. Adult supervision recommended.

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