MegaGLUX Magnetic Attractive Super Putty 45 Grams (Silver)

Copernicus Toys

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MegaGLUX Magnetic Attractive Super Putty 45 Grams (Silver)

by Copernicus Toys

Made in the USA

This mega package of Glux has three times as much putty as the regular size. The MegaGlux Magnetic putty has all the properties of other Glux products. But MegaGlux Magnetic also has the additional property of magnetism. After realigning its micro bits, this clump of Glux has now become a powerful magnet! Lift paperclips and repel or attract a piece of itself! For ages 14 and up.

Glux putty is silicone based with no sticky residue, inert, non-toxic, and safe. It contains no latex or wheat compounds, and thus it is safe for people with sensitivity to wheat or latex. Glux stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, tears like paper, and can shatter like ceramic. Because Glux is silicone based, it will never dry out or crumble. 

Package measures approximately 3x3/4".

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