Mega Marble ToeBreaker Grab Bag - Set of 5 Jumbo 2 Inch Glass Marbles

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Mega Marble ToeBreaker Jumbo 2 Inch Glass Marbles

Grab Bag - Set of 5

 by FS-USA


These impressive 50mm "ToeBreaker" glass marbles each measure a whopping 2 inches in diameter. Unique Toebreaker collectible marbles are great for desktop or home decor display. This set of 5 different jumbo marbles is a great way to start your collection. Some for you and some to trade!

This special purchase features the following ToeBreakers:

  • Fairy style with very pale orange tinted clear glass, white streamers & bubbles
  • Green spaghetti with clear glass, green streamers & bubbles
  • Red Devil with opaque red & yellow swirled glass
  • Iridescent silvery surface on a deep, deep blue glass
  • Opaque black glass with yellow & white swirls


Each of these hard to find marbles is crafted of glass in the jumbo Toe Breaker size, 2 inches in diameter (50mm). Each one features unique patterns and slight irregularities on their surface that is the result of the marble casting shipping processes. 

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Image is representative of selection. Each marble is a unique glass orb. No two marbles are alike.

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