Martian Rock Simulation Kit 6 Piece Mars Mineral Collection

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Martian Rock Simulation Kit 
6 Piece Mars Mineral Collection

   This collection contains 6 hand picked samples which are similar to rocks which can be found on Mars. The teacher's guide that is included gives a detailed description of a history of the third planet from the sun. Such descriptions in the guide include the geologic history of the planet and it periods. Neither rocks nor minerals have been collected and returned from the surface of Mars. Knowledge of the composition of its surface is limited to Martian meteorites and geochemical analysis of rocks and minerals by spacecraft on the surface of Mars. 
   From Sulfur to Breccia, explore some of the many types of minerals that are found on the surface of the red planet. Six numbered specimens approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" gives you a glimpse of the minerals that are composed of the Martian surface. Box is shrink wrapped. 

Teacher's Guide Included.

Rock Specimens included are: 

1. Sulfur
2. Hematite
3. Gypsum
4. Vesicular Basalt
5. Arenite
6. Breccia

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