Mammoth Mega Marbles 4 Pack Large Shooters Colors Vary

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Mammoth Mega Marbles-4 Pack-Large Shooters-Colors Vary

Four Large 1 5/8 Inch (42mm) Glass Marbles

Play for fun. Play for keeps!

by MegaFun-USA

This set includes 2 of the Mega Marbles "Pak-A-Mammoth" Net Sets.These impressive "Mammoth" sized glass marble measure in at over 1.5 inches in diameter. This Set of four different Mammoth Marbles will enhance any collection and will surely create a conversation whenever they are used or placed on display! Your Four marbles will be chosen at random from our in-stock supply. You will receive 4 Different Styles of Marbles.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Images are representative of selection. Each marble is a unique swirled glass orb. No two marbles are alike.

You receive 4 Different 42 mm Marbles

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