Magnifying Bug and Insect Viewer with Glass Lens & Measuring Grid

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$ 7.95 
SKU: AMEP7-1017


Magnifying Bug Viewer with Glass Lens

This inexpensive bug viewer is great for students to use on field trips. It allows for close-up, critical examinations of the bugs that they manage to get inside of it. With a glass lens that provides 2.5x magnification and a base that has a grid system (5x5mm per square) incorporated into it, students can get a relatively accurate reading of the size of insects, and use it as a gauge to compare the sizes and proportions.

Approximate Dimensions

Height: 8cm (80mm)
Width: 9.6cm (96cm)
Length: 9.6cm (96cm)
Lens Diameter: 6cm (60mm)

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