Magic Grow Capsules - Instant Foam Shapes - Set #2 - Bugs, Dinosaurs, Sea Animals

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Magic Grow Capsules - Set #2 Instant Foam Shapes

Bugs, Dinosaurs, Sea Animals

by Jaru



These are the same instant foam products that you may remember from your childhood. These fun toys start out as a small pill shaped capsule but grow into a miniature, soft expanding foam shape when placed in warm water. Each package contains twelve capsules . Each capsule features a unique and different shape. Each capsule grows into a foam figure of various colors that will be just over 2" long. These are a fun and inexpensive activity for children.


This set features 3 - 6 x 9 inch cards of 12 capsules per card (3 of each color per card: yellow green, red & blue), Totaling 36 different magic grow shapes:


  • 12 Bug/Insect Shapes – (spider, butterfly, dragonfly, grasshopper, ant, scorpion, caterpillar, ladybug, snail, bee, roach, fly)

  • 12 Dinosaur Shapes - (stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, parasaurolophus, dimetrodon, velociraptor, plesiosaurus, ankylosaurus, pteradon, pachycephalosaurus, iguanadon, protoavis)

  • 12 Sea Animal Shapes – (tuna, crab, dolphin, lobster, sperm whale, manta ray, squid, sailfish, octopus, shark, killer whale, sea horse)


Ages 4 and up




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