Magic Capsules Toy "Instant Aviation" Foam Figures

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INSTANT Foam Critters
Instant Aviation
Set #1


These are the original instant foam products that you may remember from your childhood. These fun toys start out as a small pill shaped capsule but grow into a minature foam aviation vehicle when placed in warm water. Each package contains six capsules and educational facts about the vehicles inside. Each capsule grows into a foam figure of various colors that will be just over 2" long. These are a fun and inexpensive activity for children. They are still proudly made in the USA. 


Each critter capsule contains six of the following in various colors: a fighter plane, a hot air balloon, a zeppelin, a glider, a bi-plane, a leisure plane, a jet plane, a rocket, a helicopter, a space shuttle, a B2 stealth bomber and a commercial plane.

Ages 4 and up

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