Looking Glass Torch Reptile Figurine - Jackson The Chameleon

Looking Glass Torch Reptile Figurine - Jackson The Chameleon - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Brainstorm Products LLC

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Looking Glass Torch Figurines
 Jackson the Chameleon
Limited Edition Hand Crafted Glass
by Brainstorm Products LLC

This amazing  little glass "character" is a hand-sculpted piece of artwork. Carefully constructed in colorful blown glass with amazing attention to detail. "Jackson" measures approximately one inch or less and comes inside a protective case.  In addition, He has a story and birth-date...  just like you!  Start your collection today.

This Miniature work of art is totally unique and comes in a magnifying case. 

Jackson the Chameleon loves to blend into his surroundings and go by unnoticed. He enjoys reading books and watching TV specials about secret spies. Jackson is known to be rather secretive and likes to eavesdrop on private conversations. He dislikes being the center of attention and would rather remain in the background. His birthday is August 11, 2009.

  Ages 8 and up

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