Looking Glass Torch Miniature Glass Figurine - Chauncey the Chimp

Brainstorm Products LLC

$ 5.99 
SKU: BSP20621


Chauncey the Chimp Miniature Glass Figurine
by Brainstorm Products, LLC

This amazing little glass sculpture is a hand-crafted piece of artwork. Carefully constructed in colorful blown glass with amazing attention to detail, Chauncey measures approximately one inch or less and comes inside a protective case. In addition, this cute little chimp has a story and construction-date. Start your collection of Looking Glass figurines today.

Chauncey the Chimp is agile and athletic. He loves to swing from branch to branch in the jungle's canopy. Extremely intelligent, he uses tools to acquire food and often uses silly body language and grunts to express himself. Chauncey has a great sense of humor, and laughs uncontrollably when tickled. He was born on November 5, 2011.

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