Looking Glass Torch Figurine - Kong The Donkey - Ltd Ed

Brainstorm Products LLC

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Looking Glass Torch Figurine
Kong The Donkey
Limited Edition Hand Crafted Glass

by Brainstorm Products LLC

This amazing little glass "character" is a hand-sculpted piece of artwork. Carefully constructed in colorful blown glass with amazing attention to detail. This miniature sculpture measures approximately one inch or less and comes inside a protective case.  In addition, "Kong" has a story and birth-date...  just like you!  Start your collection today.

Kong the Donkey is not opposed to hard work and tough labor. He has amazing patience and endurance. Kong tolerates desert environments well and never complains about the heat. His large ears help him keep cool and hear sounds from long distances. Kong is easy to get along with, helpful and protective. He was born October 5, 2010.

Ages 8 and up

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