Looking Glass Torch Figurine Angry Birds Mini Blue Bird-Limited Edition

Brainstorm Products LLC

$ 6.99 

Looking Glass Torch Figurine
Angry Birds-Blue Bird
Limited Edition Hand Crafted Glass
by Brainstorm Products LLC

This amazing little glass "character" is a hand-sculpted piece of artwork. Carefully constructed in colorful blown glass with amazing attention to detail.This miniature glass sculpture measures approximately one inch or less and comes inside a protective case.  Start your Angry Birds Collection today!

In the uncharted reaches of a vast southern ocean, the obscure island is teeming with the strangest wildlife.  Only two dominant species - the birds and the pigs - are thriving under these challenging circumstances.  A continuous, unwitting rivalry between these two groups fuels all the action in the region.  The unintelligent pigs, driven by their insatiable hunger and poorly developed instinct of self-preservation, are unable to pass up any chance of feeding on the delicious bird eggs. 

Now you know why it is an Angry Bird!

  • Ages 8+
  • Not a toy
  • Limited edition
  • Individual packaging


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