Little Joker Tricks & Gags - Pack of 6 Pranks

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 Little Joker Tricks & Gags - Pack of 6 Pranks
by Toysmith


This pack contains 6 of the most famous classic pranks known to the jokster world!  You will receive one each of the following tricks to play on friends and family members:

  • Insta-Owie- Wear this blood stained bandage with a nail through it like a ring to really freak out folks!
  • Oopsy Poopsy -Fool your friends with fake dog poop- a timeless classic.
  • Squirt Bling - Show off your new ring& squirt the ring's admirers in the face!
  • Woopsy Doopsy - Fool your friends with this fake spilled condiment pack (You will receive one; either Ketchup or Mustard)
  • Freaky Fingers - Surprise unsuspecting folks when your reveal the wiggling mini-hand from its hiding place in the palm of your own hand!
  • Snap Gum - Offer a piece of chewing refreshment--But spring loaded pack snaps it back!

  Each of these 6 classic pranks comes individually carded. Use your Prankster Power wisely!

Ages 5 to 95

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