Liquid Filled Magnetic Map Compass for Reading & Measuring Maps

American Scientific

$ 4.95 


Liquid Filled Magnetic Map Compass

Reading & Measuring Maps


This compass is for reading topographical and tourist maps and determination of azimuthal location of a given place. This model is also good for studying magnetism and doing magnetic field-mapping. Transparent design makes it suitable for overhead projection.

  • Compass diameter 50mm (approx. 2 inches) with black and red magnetized needle.
  • Mounted on a 5.5 in (140mm) x 2.5 in (63.5mm)  transparent acrylic base.
  • Graduated 0° to 360° increments.
  • Declination correction scale.
  • Liquid filled capsule.
  • Meridian lines help in accurate plotting of angles.
  • Magnifier with 4x magnification.
  • 4 stencil cuts are built into the base.
  • Yellow lanyard.
  • Transparent acrylic base has 3 scales in cm, 1:25000 and 1:50000.

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