Line Tracking Mouse Electronic Kit: Robotics

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Line Tracking Mouse Electronic Kit: Robotics
Awesome Rolling Robotic Mouse!

This new robot is designed to introduce students into the exciting world of electronics! Designed with high schools and technical colleges in mind, this robot comes complete with detailed instructions. This kit requires soldering and makes  a great class project for beginners with some soldering experience! This mouse uses line tracking technology, it can track a black line using a photo interrupter for its eyes. Its brain powered by a pre-programmed algorithm circuit that uses low level voltages to communicate the illumination LEDs reflectivity on a white or black surface. Three interrupters are used to determine which direction the mouse must use to remain on course with the black line it is tracking.

With this kit, the proper soldering locations are provided with detailed instructions so you don't have to worry about figuring out the circuit!

Tools you may need:
Soldering iron
Soldering wire
Long nose pliers
Diagonal cutter
Screw driver
Black electronic tape

Sound Activated

Programmed IC 3 photo interrupters
2 sets of gear motors (unassembled)

Power Source: 4 AA Batteries (not included)

This product is intended for use by adults and children who have attained sufficient maturity to read and heed directions and warnings attached or enclosed. Wear Safety Glasses.
Ages 10 and up.

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