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The Light-Up Bubbleizer
Create an Endless Stream of Magical Bubbles!


Can you imagine creating magical bubbles and a light show at the same time? Impress your friends with this awesome bubbleizer that creates and endless stream of bubbles and illuminates them beautifully at the same time! Kids of all ages (including adults) will love creating bubbles with the bubbleizer. Watch in amazement as an endless stream of bubbles float out into the air while a light show lights the bubbles and entertains you at the same time. Awesome!

  • Creates awesome bubbles with a multi-colored light show
  • Uses LED Technology (LEDs) never burn out
  • Transparent body shows how the bubbles are made
  • Bottle of  Bubble Solution Included
  • All Batteries Included
  • Great toy for boys and girls
  • Great in the light and amazing in the dark
For Ages 3 and Older