Light Gray Volcanic Ash and Rock - 10 Bags of 25g

American Educational Products

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Light Grey Volcanic Ash, 10 Bags of 25g
by American Educational Products

Formed during the eruption of a volcano, with fragments that measure less than 2mm in diameter, volcanic ash consists of a mixture of pulverized rock, minerals, and volcanic glass. It is due to the decompression of magma, combined with a massive quantity of gas bubbles forming within it, that cause fragmentation. When fragmentation happens, the violent expansion of the bubbles rips the magma apart, ejecting it into the atmosphere where they solidify and form ash.

While the overall grain size can vary based on the composition of the magma, it typically consists of particles of less than 2mm, with some as fine a 1μm. The coarser the particles, the faster and closer to the volcano they will fall, with the finer particles staying in the atmosphere for anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks. Regardless of size, volcanic ash has a major impact on all industry, from disrupting electric power supply systems, potentially contaminating and clogging of water treatment and drinking water, to the airline industry and more.

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