Life Cycle of a Worm - 4 Piece Safariology Set

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Life Cycle of the Worm
by Safari Ltd.

Every creature in world, no matter how big or small, has a life cycle. Not all of them are like ours, and sometimes it can be hard to visualize just how it works. With these life cycle models and the accompanying explanation on the back of the card, you'll be able to give students a greater understanding of how life begins for a worm.

Starting with a cluster of eggs, the highly detailed and painted models transition through to the hatchling, the juvenile stage, and then the adult stage. At this point, the life cycle starts anew with the new group of adult worms.

The approximate measurements of each model are:

  • Egg:   1.3x1 (LxW) inches
  • Hatchling: 1.7x1.2 (LxW) inches
  • Juvenile:  2.8x1 (LxW) inches
  • Adult:  3.2x1.9 (LxW) inches

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