Laser Stars Projection Lamp Night Sky MOON

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Can You Imagine

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Laser Stars Lamp - Night Sky Moon

by Can You Imagine


This amazing laser projection lamp is designed for kids & adults and will bring the wonder and beauty of the night sky into their room.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the room is!

Can You Imagine falling asleep while watching thousands of stars, clouds and an occasional shooting star?

Can You Imagine a built-in sleep timer that will turn the lamp off automatically? We did! Presenting the Laser Stars Lamp- Night Moon.

Created with a green laser and holographic technology, it produces a display that you will never forget.

The Laser Stars Lamp™ is fully adjustable, requires no set-up and will fill any room – from the tiniest bedroom to the largest room in your home.

Bring the wonder and beauty of the night sky into your own home with the Laser Stars Lamp Night Moon™.

    This Lamp features new green laser & holographic technology.
  • Transforms the largest or smallest room into a magical place.
  • Creates thousands of stars with or without cloud formations
  • Also functions as a standard lamp using LEDs that never burn out.
  • This is NOT A TOY.  This is an experience You will Never Forget.
  • AC Adapter included
  • Simple to use, Just Plug It In!

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