Laser Fog Light Show - Includes Green Lasers and Fog

Can You Imagine

$ 129.95 
SKU: CYI5140


Laser Fog Light Show

by Can You Imagine

The Laser Fog Light Show contains a magical chamber that creates an amazing display of light and fog. Watch the fog being lit with a built-in laser, seeing the show constantly changing as more fog enters. Built in controls allow you to manage the mesmerizing beautiful swirls of ever-changing mist. 

Presenting the Laser Fog Light Show - the most unusual show that turns ordinary fog into magic. Turn on the laser, press a button and then watch as the magic begins. Once the chamber fills with fog, the Laser Fog Light Show automatically shuts the fog off. You can open the top of the machine to constantly create safe, breathable fog. The effect is beautiful to watch, but creating special effects simply by turning a knob is even more fun as you create the mesmerizing show.


  • AC Power transformer with 5′ cord included
  • 6″ round x 15″ tall
  • Weight: approx. 4 lbs.
  • Comes with pre-filled bottle of mineral oil; available at any pharmacy to make fog

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