Large 28 Inch Plush Triceratops Stuffed Animal w/Sound

Douglas Co Inc

$ 79.99 
SKU: DTC-7705

Large Triceratops - Stuffed Dinosaur - Plush Toy w/Sound 
By Douglas: The Cuddle Toy

From the tip of its nose to the end of its tail this large, soft dinosaur measures approximately 28 inches long (71 cm). It measures approx. 10 inches wide and stands approx. 12 inches tall at  the top of its crested head. You can press its's front foot to hear this big dino toy ROAR! This Triceratops is huge and is made of shiny, scaly, fun fabric that makes him even more realistic! The name Triceratops means "three horned face." Interesting dino facts are included in the tag.

 Recommended for ages 3 and up




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