Large T-Rex Head Easy Flyer Kite, 46x90 Inches

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Large T-Rex Easy Flyer Kite, 46x90 Inches
by Premier Kites

Made out of Ripstop Nylon, the large T-Rex kite features a thin and lightweight fiberglass frame. This style is perhaps the easiest of all kites to fly, and great for children and people just starting out in the kite-flying world.

The kite has a T-Rex head with its mouth open as the pattern on the ripstop nylon, and ships with 300ft of 30lb test line for use in flying the kite. It measures approximately 46x90" (WxL), and is rated to be flown in winds of 5-18mph. A clear plastic carrying sleeve is included to help keep the kite properly stored and protected from potential damage.

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