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Large 12 Hour Clock Rubber Stamper: Time Educational Teaching Aid

Center Enterprises Inc

$ 5.99 
SKU: CE101

Large 12 Hour Clock Stamp
Time Teaching  Aid
Quantity: ONE  Stamp with Hours 1-12
These are a Teacher's Favorite for aid in teaching the concept of Telling Time!
 High Quality Rubber Stamp measures approximately 2.75 inches square and is mounted on a sturdy wooden handle/block for years of trouble free use.  Prints clock face with the hours 1-12 .
Top of block has bright yellow lable for easy identification of this often used stamp.
These stamps allow teacher and student to make their own activities to reinforce telling-time concepts. Games, worksheets, flash cards, and learning station activities can be made with these stamps.
Great for use with our Ink Pads!!! 
Ink Pad not included.

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