Laminated North American Snakes Poster 24x36

Feenixx Publishing

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Laminated North American Snakes Poster 24x36
by Feenixx Publishing
 Snakes descend from lizards. Like them, they have loosely articulated skulls, and most can dislocate their lower jaw in order to swallow prey much larger than their own head. They differ from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.
   Most species are non-venomous. They are generally shy and docile and try to avoid humans. Some are even kept as pets. The venomous snakes use their natural weapon primarily to subdue and kill prey. They are not normally aggressive, but when threatened, they will protect themselves. Its best to avoid them as some have venom powerful enough to cause painful injury or death. This causes many people to fear snakes. North Americans are justified in doing so because there are some really nasty serpents slithering around the countryside.
   This poster presents the most widespread North American species. It makes it easy to tell if a particular snake is a threat, as the graphic design divides them into non-venomous (green background) and venomous (red background) species. Its the latter you really need to be able to identify, because the others may give you a painful bite, but wont kill you.
   All posters are printed on very heavy, high-quality paper. It is also a very hard paper that preserves tiny details. Posters are then specially coated to provide a satin finish that reduces glare and enhances their presentation. These are the same high standards used to produce expensive art prints. Artists are selected on the basis of their illustration skills and their knowledge of the subect. Many have both art and science degrees. This ensures an accurate presentation of the subject.    
  This poster is laminated and, therefore, requires no frame. All posters measure 24" x 36". This standard size fits inexpensive, off the shelf frames if you wish to frame this poster.

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