Laminated Feathered Dinosaurs Poster 24x36

Feenixx Publishing

$ 19.99 

Feathered Dinosaurs Poster 24x36
by Feenixx Publishing
Fascinating  Laminated Poster...
This is a truly incredible poster.  It shows 18 magnificently detailed illustrations of the various species of feathered dinosaurs.  The three insets across the top explore Feather Evolution, Wing Evolution and Flight Evolution.  Across the bottom, additional insets explores "Brooding Dinosaurs?"  Dinosaur Family Tree, Parts of a Feather and a special section that discusses Discoveries, Discussions and Debates.  This is truly a comprehensive overview of an exciting cutting edge subject.
This poster is laminated and, therefore, requires no frame. All posters measure 24" x 36". This standard size fits inexpensive, off the shelf frames if you wish to frame this poster.


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