Laminated Bird Orders Poster 24x36 New Classifications

Feenixx Publishing

$ 19.99 

Bird Orders
Laminated Poster 24x36
by Feenixx Publishing.
    This is an especially important poster because it presents the new Sibley-Ahlquist bird classification system. Based on recent DNA studies, it uses cladistics to reconstruct the evolutionary family tree. Who would have thought that flamingos, eagles and penguins would end up in the dame biological clade (formerly order)? However, this new system has been widely accepted by North American orinthologists and has made the traditional bird classification system obsolete.
This is a truely beautiful poster, one greatly appreciated by bird lovers. It certainly enhances the decor of their home or office. Yet it presents information that has even greater value. All of the bird orders are explored and all of the many classification changes are explained.
    This information has never before been published in such a concise and convenient form, making this poster an essential reference for anyone seriously interested in birds.
    Customers have been universally impressed with the quality, beauty and detail of these posters. Pictures do not do them justice! This is a new type of poster that we call content intensive posters. Each provides a comprehensive overview of the subject presented through extraordinary images and fact-filled text. They are designed to appeal to people who enjoy reading books, watching informative and/or educational shows on cable television and subscribing to such magazines as "National Geographic", "Smithsonian" and "Scientific American". They have great educational value and are cherished by teachers, students and professionals.
    All posters are printed on very heavy, high-quality paper. It is also a very hard paper that preserves tiny details. Posters are then specially coated to provide a satin finish that reduces glare and enhances their presentation. These are the same high standards used to produce expensive art prints. Artists are selected on the basis of their illustration skills and their knowledge of the subect. Many have both art and science degrees. This ensures an accurate presentation of the subject.
This poster is laminated and, therefore, requires no frame. All posters measure 24" x 36". This standard size fits inexpensive, off the shelf frames if you wish to frame this poster.

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