Kendama Fade-Out Wooden Ball Catch Game - Colors Vary


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Kendama Fade-Out Wooden Ball Catch Game - Colors Vary

Practice Motor Skill Development the Classic, Fun, Japanese Way


Kendama is a classic toss and catch skill game that originated in Japan.  The brightly colored wooden ball is attached to the base with a sturdy string.  The base has 4 ways for you to develop your hand eye coordination skills.  Try to capture the ball in any of four ways!  There is

  • The Spike (Kensaki) on top.
  • The Big Cup (Ozara) on one side.
  • The Small Cup (Kozara) on the other side.
  • And the Base Cup (Chuzara).

Once you have mastered the beginner moves you can check out YouTube for your next challenge. The approximately 2.5 inch diameter Wooden Ball has a hole to accept the Spike (Kensake).  Ball comes in assorted gradient colors (orange/yellow, green/light green, blue/light blue). Your Fade-Out Kendama color will be selected from our in stock supply. Meaures 7 inches in length and the handle is made of natural wood without a finish. For ages 6 and up. Includes one kendama.

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