Kane Miller Hard Cover Book:The Gas We Pass: Ages 4-6

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The Gas We Pass
The Story of Farts
Kane Miller HardCover Book:

A simple and straightforward description of natural process.

Series: My Body Science
Author: Shinta Cho
Shinta Cho
Ages 4-6 years
Dimensions 8.5 x 9.5 inches.
Pages 28, Hardcover.

"With a title like this, expect no surprises within. The latest Japanese import by Kane/Miller continues in the same vein as Everyone Poops and The Holes in Your Nose, exploring yet another subject generally considered taboo. Brevity reigns in both illustration (cartoons and diagrams tinted with swaths of clashing color) and text (which doesn't even attempt to be subtle). Both informative and blunt, the book provides young readers with solid facts as well as plenty to snicker about, including some sage advice ('Don't hold them in - pass that gas!') that will send parents everywhere running for the air freshener." - Publishers Weekly

 "Interesting stuff! It is written simply and to the point. No fancy, confusing explanations of this oft-experienced bodily function. Instead, it explains this phenomenon in a way that a young child can understand and even find amusing." - Kaboose


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  • The Holes in Your Nose
  • The Gas We Pass
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  • Contemplating Your Belly Button
  • All About Scabs

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