Kane Miller BREASTS HardCover Book: Ages 5-8

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Kane Miller HardCover

This is a non-fiction book that explains the nature and development of breasts.

Series: My Body Science
Author: Yagyu, Genichiro
Illustrator: Yagyu, Genichiro
Ages 5-8 years
Dimensions 8.5 x 9.5 inches.
Pages 28, Hardcover.

 Awards: * ABA Kid's Pick of the Lists

"With is relaxed, humorous approach it would appeal to parents who want to introduce their children to normal human anatomy and physiology. It is brief, funny, warm, and loving." - Journal of Human Lactation

"I was pleasantly surprised when I read the text...discusses the benefits of breast milk and the experience of breast feeding through the eyes of both mother and baby...a wonderful tool for moms and dads to use to explain the process and the experience of breast feeding to baby's siblings. I wish I had it when I was nursing my youngest child. It was difficult for me to find words that my children could understand when discussing it. This author has managed to give moms and dads the simple explanation they need." - Kaboose

The Complete My Body Science Series:

  • Everyone Poops
  • The Holes in Your Nose
  • The Gas We Pass
  • Breasts
  • Contemplating Your Belly Button
  • All About Scabs

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