Kane Miller Book: DINOSAURS: Interactive, Ages 0-3 Yrs

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Kane Miller 
Interactive Board Book, Ages 0-3 Yrs
Dimensions: 8 1/8 x 11 5/8 inches
14 Pages, Hardcover.
Author: Guettier, Bndicte
Illustrator: Guettier, Bndicte

From Diploducus to Compsognathus, these hungry dinosaurs are waiting for you! Sound effects are optional, but "Crunch" is always a good one.

This colorful and sturdy board book with a circle cut out for a child's (or adult's) face is just about the best, most original way to introduce books - and dinosaurs - since the Jurassic period!

Make sure you have your camera ready!

"Its fun to play with, and a unique way of de-mystifying a potentially frightening subject. All in all: two thumbs up." - Toy Directory

"Large brightly colored illustrations perfectly compliment the simple and engaging conversation style text." -
Through the Looking Glass

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