K'Nex Levers & Pulleys Set For Teaching Physics Book

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This kit from KNEX Education will help you get started building the models in Teaching Physics with TOYS EASYGuide Edition. This introduction to the simple machines called levers and pulleys will challenge elementary and middle school students. Students will build a a first class lever (a seesaw), a second class lever (a wheelbarrow), and a third class lever (a hockey stick). Building scissors will introduce students to a double first class lever. Pulleys will be used to build a sailboat, a flag pole , and a block and tackle.  
Benefits of using KNEX Education kits:
  • A fun and economical alternative to single-use equipment
  • Includes plastic storage case with moveable dividers and transparent locking lid
  • Additional pieces used in the EASYGuide Edition (as noted on the companion CD‑ROM) can come from any KNEX set or can be ordered as an add-on pack.
  • Grades 3-9

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