K Miller HardCover Book:Contemplating your BELLYBUTTON Ages 3-5


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Contemplating Your BELLYBUTTON
Kane Miller HardCover

A delightful introduction to the world of bellybuttons!

Series: My Body Science
Author: Jun Nanano
Illustrator: Tomoko Hasegawa
Ages 3-5 years
Dimensions 8.5 x 9.5 inches.
Pages 28, Hardcover.

 "This Japanese import features strange but fun illustrations which cover bellybutton basics, exploring how bellybuttons are formed and explaining the rudiments of birth for the very young. Tettchan looks at his bellybutton, which sticks out, and receives an education on its placement. Pair this with others in a basic anatomy/sex education set for beginners." - The Children's Bookwatch "Whimsical yet informative, this is a meditation on something that - admit it - has puzzled and absorbed all of us at one time or another." - The Los Angeles Times Book Review


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  • Breasts
  • Contemplating Your Belly Button
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